Malton Hospital


Commissioner : Hospital Arts for North East Yorkshire for Scarborough and NE Yorkshire Health Trust

Fabricators : Jane Poulton and others


A varied scheme of artworks for the new-build Fitzwilliam Ward and Outpatients Department, including embroidered and constructed textiles, poetry, motifs for windows and flooring, paintings, a community garden and a changing museum display. The project involved working closely with the project managers, architects and hospital staff, and brought together various community agencies including Malton High School, The Derwent Diggers (a community gardening group), and Ryedale Folk Museum.


The paintings produced for this commission can also be found on the Art UK web page at

Jane Poulton - Embroidery - red sky and headwind
Photo - Fitzwilliam ward tile design
Jane Poulton - abstract image - hidden treasure
Jane Poulton - abstract image - still life with golden horse and serviette
Fitzwilliam Ward - seasons poem
Jane Poulton - abstract image - still life with patchwork pieces, peas and whistle
Proggy mat
Jane Poulton - Embroidery - fruits of the earth
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